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SilverShadowfax has started a donation pool!
44 / 500
Please? :) I'd like to use these for commissions and contests ^_^ Thanks! :la:

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~*Art status | FAQ*~

^ Anyone who posts anything on my wall asking for points will be reported. You have been warned. ^
SilverShadowfax gift by SkaieBlue Silvershadowfax by Samalu17 Zoga by Samalu17 Silvershadowfax by Samalu17

:bulletred: - Not started yet
:bulletpurple: - Planned/Will start soon
:bulletyellow: - WIP Starting to sketch
:bulletorange: - Colouring/Doing BG
:bulletgreen: - Nearly done/Ready for upload
:star: - Priority

To do list

Giftie for Sara - :bulletpurple:
Pokemon trade with Tsuki - :bulletred:
Mew fanart - :bulletred:

Alice afterlife lioness - :bulletpurple:
FF13 - Lion project - When I can be arsed xD
MLK forum group picture - :bulletyellow:
Zoga page 19 - :bulletorange:

Current commissions:

alice723 - 2 commishes. - NOT PAID
destinysapprentice - Ash - NOT PAID
sethrielle - SilverEye - PAID HALF - 26/6 (PM'd 21/2/14)
KolaWolf - Tsuki and Silver sketch - PAID
sheepylizzy - Silver and Tau - PAID
Toothie13 - Silver and Tau - PAID
BlackLightning95 - Silver and Tau - PAID
Iva-Inkling - Silver and Tau -NOT PAID

I do chase commissioners up after three months and if the commission isn't done within a year.. I do report them :\ Im not a bitch, but I don't like being stolen from either.

Trades awaiting art from:

MrRowboat - April 2012


Can I use your art?
Unless it is specifically done for you, or you ask me to use it in a video say then NO. You don't ask, you don't get, simple. If I find my artwork in your video when i've not given permission... SHIT WILL GO DOWN! ;P

What do you use for your art?
Usually a graphics tablet (Wacom bamboo) and Photoshop CS5 :love:

Can you give me some points?
Yeh sure! I'll give you my money too! So NO. I won't give you points. My points are for commissions and for my friends ONLY. I do give random hand outs to artists I think that deserve some love, but I will NOT give if you simply ask. It's rude.

Can you draw me something?
Sure :) Check out my trades/commission page for details. Requests are for friends only (And adding me to your watch list does not instantly make me your friend xD) I rarely do requests, but check my journal cuz if I take them, i'll advertise it there. Comissions take priority, then trades :3

What happened to Zoga?
Due to lack of interest I stopped creating the pages, however I still write the story so if you'd like to read his tale PM me and i'll send you it =)

If you have any questions or anything, drop me a note. I don't bite ;P


London anime con - Saturday - Attended - Was awesome!
Newcastle film and comic con - Confirmed (Katniss)
London MCM expo May 2014 - Confirmed. (Friday and Sat) (Saviour Light and Katniss Everdeen)
LAC June - Confirmed (Saviour Lightning)
Manchester Expo July 2014 - Confirmed. (Sat and Sun) (Lucy/Lightning)
London MCM expo October - Confirmed (All weekend) (Katniss/Lightning Saviour/Lucy)


Lightning Final Fantasy 13 - Complete
Casual Lightning cosplay - Complete
Katniss Everdeen - Complete
Lightning Returns - 10% complete
Lucy (Elfen Lied) - 80% complete
Alice Extinction - 10% complete

Future cosplays (2015)

Astrid - Skyrim
Fang or Serah - Final Fantasy 13



Apr 19, 2014
8:19 am
Apr 19, 2014
4:39 am
Apr 18, 2014
3:20 pm
Apr 17, 2014
9:17 pm
Apr 17, 2014
1:56 pm

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Apr 11, 2014, 11:25 AM

Just a random quiz x)

Oh, and please go like/visit my cosplay page :D

1) Name: Kay 

2) Name Backwards: Yak. LOL.
3) Were you named after anyone? : Noes, I was named after a song >.<
4) Does your name mean anything?: It's Irish.. I know that much xD
5) Nick Name(s): Silver, Shadow, Lightning.
6) Screen Name(s) SilverShadowfax
7) Date Of Birth: 29/07/1988
8) Place of Birth: East Sussex
10) Current Location: My mums lounge.
11) Sign: Leo
12) Religion: Don't really have one.
13) Height: 5'7
14) Weight: 9 and a half stone.
15) Shoe Size: 6
16) Hair color: Blond
17) Eye color: Green
18) What do you look like?: Me? xD
19) Innie or Outie?: O_O
20) Righty, Lefty, ambidextrous: Righty
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?: Straight
22) Best friend(s): Hann, Si, Debb, Jamie.
23) Best friend you trust the most: All above.
24) Best friends {your sex} Hann, Deb xD
25) Best friends of the opposite: Si, Jamie.
26) Best Bud(s): OMG.
27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend : Jamie :3 <3333
28) Crush: Jamie. He's HAWT.
29) Parent(s): Mum.. Don't have alot to do with my dad.
30) Worst Enemy: Online? Haha, can't say.
31) Favorite on-line Guys): KingKivuli and MrTitans.
32) Favorite on-line Girl(s): Buffy and Amy ^^
33) Funniest friend: Si
34) Craziest friend: Hann
35) Advice Friend: Debb
36) Loudest Friend: Hann.
37) Person you cry with: Jamie

Do You Have...

38) Any sisters: A younger sister
39) Any brothers: A younger brother
40) Any pets: I have four rats (lightning, Katniss, Aela and Fang) And a corsnake called Nagini.
41) A Disease: Noes.
42) A Pager: No
43) A Personal phone line : Yesh
44) A Cell phone : Yes
45) A Lava lamp : Yes
46) A Pool or hot tub : Pool
47) A Car: No, but I can drive my sisters.

Describe Your...

48) Personality: Online, Myself... Open, sarcastic, friendly and hyper.
49) Driving: I get road rage sometimes :P
50) Car or one you want: Another KA2
51) Room: Tiny =( I don't like my room.
52) Mmh: A what now?
53) School: Not for ten years D:
54) Bed: Single. Miss mah double.
55) Relationship with your parent(s):  Mum fine, Dad, not so good.
56) Believe in yourself: Sometimes. 
57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: No.
58) Consider yourself a good listener: Yes
60) Get along with your parents: Like i've said, my mum yes.
61) Save your e-mail conversations: Yes.
62) Pray: Very occasionally.
63) Believe in reincarnation: Kinda
64) Like to make fun of people: Not really. 
65) Like to talk on the phone: Sometimes
66) Like to eat?: Depends what mood im in.
67) Like to drive: Not for too long.
68) Get motion sickness : On trains if I go backwards yes.
69) Eat the stems of broccoli: YES 
70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: Yes
71) Dream in color: Yesss
72) Type with your fingers on home row: Nope
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: Only when Jamie isn't there ^_^

What Is...?

74) Right next to you: A miniature long haired dashund and my phone xD
75) On the walls of your room: Lightning wall scroll and posters.
76) On your mouse pad: Laptop ;D
77) Your dream car: Mini =3
78) Your dream date: JAMIE.
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: New Zealand 
80) Your dream wife: JAMIE
81) Your bedtime: Depends. If I am working 11. If I am not.. 1 xD 
82) Under your bed: God knows.
83) The single most important question: Hmm....
84) Your bad time of the day: First thing in the morning T_T
85) Your worst fear(s): Losing my pets/family/friends/Jamie.
86) The weather like: Warm and sunny.
87) The time?: 19.20.
88) The date?: 11/04/14
89) The best trick you ever played on someone: When I hid in a Salvation army  bin and jumped out at my friend xD 
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Crisps and nutella together.
91) Theme Song: Noels theme - Final Fantasy
92) The hardest thing about growing up: Financial trouble.
93) Your funniest experience: Many.
94) Your scariest moment: Nearly getting run over.
95) The silliest thing you've ever said: Oh god I could write a novel. Latest one though; 'You are not buying me a fucking swear jar' 
96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?: Nothing....
97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): London MCM expo.... The gang in the car. OHGOD.
99) The best feeling in the world: Being with my loved ones.

♦ Stamps ♦
Baby Chocobo Stamp by reikokoro FFVI: Chocobo Stamp by MythicPhoenix Chocobo stamp by mizuki-rawr

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Blinded by Light - FF13 OST
  • Reading: The Hobbit
  • Watching: Game of thrones. The bf needs to learn ;D
  • Playing: Mario Party like OLDSKOOL kidz innit.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Vodka.


SilverShadowfax's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconcommissionsopen: :icontradesask: :iconrequestsclosed:

Yo! What's up? My names Kay/Nova/Lightning/Silv/Shadowfax/It... etc. I am a self taught artist and started drawing back in secondary school when I was 13. I do it for fun really, but I am open to commissions for people who like my works <3

I love Final Fantasy 13, Zelda Ocarina of time, Horses, Rats, Reptiles, Lord of the rings, The Elder Scrolls series, Misfits, Lost, Game of Thrones, Resident Evil and Digimon.

I enjoy horse riding, looking after my pets, playing Xbox, drawing, cosplaying FF13 and writing. Also enjoy RP'ing =D


:thumb75564145: Llama Hate by Tami-Stamps The Hunger Games Stamp by TwilightProwler animal artist, not furry by ohhperttylights I love Blue Rats by WishmasterAlchemist Alice Abernathy Stamp by She-Kaiju AbleToDream - Life Of Pi by devils-horizon I Love Dragons Stamp by Garetiem Stamp Game Of Thrones by yellowo4 I love Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist Da Stamp - Casual RPer 01 by tppgraphics Lightning FFXIII-2 Stamp by lightpurge Noel Fan - Stamp by chillmybones Serah Stamp by o0Hikari0o Hope Stamp by o0Hikari0o Fang Stamp by o0Hikari0o Middle Earth Stamp by MeaninglessTheories .: Final fantasy XIII stamp :. by Seppyo DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Game of Thrones Stamp by pixelworlds Stamp: I Love My Rats by Sekushi eat flesh stamp by thechaosproject Spaced stamp by 5-3-10-4Light-san Stamp by o0Hikari0o SAVE ME BARRY!! by harperella .love lilies. by PixieRiot I talk to my pets - stamp by N0RV1C Haters Gonna Hate by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me welcome to the world by KippyTheGreatI love Shetland Ponies by WishmasterAlchemist I love corn snakes by muddyputty Rats Are.. Stamp by IrkenInvaderTAK I Love my Boyfriend Stamp by Kailina5815 Stamp: Do not beg for points by Silver-MoonNight The Hobbit - An unexpected Journey by IngwellRitter Anti-Pony stamp by SwanRose Dark Brotherhood - Shadowmere Stamp by VirulentRequiem House Stark - Winter Is Coming by Anawielle Stamp: Penis is valid argument by Riza-Izumi Leopard Gecko Stamp by Shinerai Umbrella RE stamp by DeviantSith Ash Stamp by Digi-fish Llama Hate by Tami-Stamps Simons Cat _Fly PWNED_ Stamp by ImHisEternalAngel Tea by ChibiRiceball Disney fan stamp by SimbaTheHuman Tangled: I love Maximus by Vilyane I Love Rats Stamp by NickiStock The Avengers Stamp by QueenJulien Dark Brotherhood stamp by Oktanas Vex Stamp by Isriana Tolerating homosexuals - stamp by Angi-Shy Hate Storage Stamp by izka197 Stamp: Not Antisocial 2 by AkaSunshine Digimon Animated Stamp 003 by hanakt Sick of Naruto by Tristiahna lol wtf red ranger by SammieSparxx Depression Awareness by bluejeans5272 I don't support Dave Cameron by RoliStamps Stamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngie Equine Artist Stamp by Losmios I love Thoroughbreds by WishmasterAlchemist Bribery by Moonlight-pendent13 HA I'm Copyright Protected by de-Mote LOST Stamp by silva17 Gatomon by Cathines-Stamps Fus Ro Dah - Stamp by suzidragonlady Xbox 360 owner: Stamp by JazzaX Nintendo 64 Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Zelda Stamp by MajinPat I love rats Stamp by DianePhotos Nom Nom Nom Stamp by pixelworlds corn snake love stamp by muddyputty .:Nom nom Toothless:. by OxAmy Soccer fail by Cathines-Stamps Viggo is King stamp by purgatori Opinion respecting - stamp by Angi-Shy Animals of Farthing wood stamp by Gaurdianax Firefly by somethingunuasul Stamp: SEX MAKES BABIES by steinschn Amazing Horse Stamp by NuclearFizix Spirit stamp by ColorSplashArts Stitch Love Stamp by smileystamps The Lion King DA Stamp by CharfadeStamps Stamp - Photoshop CS5 by Pasadena-Opossum Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon


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Toothie13 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist…
Hope you like it after all c:
SilverShadowfax 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sheepylizzy 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Here you go…
Hope you like ^^
KolaWolf Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
NatashaTheQueen Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist…

;w; here's your piccy ♥
SilverShadowfax Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eva1777 Jan 19, 2014  Student General Artist
:dummy: I'm about 5/11th done with the commission.
I hope I'll be able to finish it throughout the week and so upload the result next weekend.
Of course, that is if nothing interferes.
SilverShadowfax Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No rush hun! <3
Eva1777 Jan 26, 2014  Student General Artist…
I'm done, and managed to free some time for pictures.
The camera decided to ignore some detail :I But I hope you like it nonetheless!
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